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Our Investment in HealthSnap

One of Comcast Ventures’ areas of investments is digital health, looking at technology solutions that enable aging in place and remote patient monitoring. Both rely on strong connectivity (like that provided by Comcast) to ensure lower latency (i.e., for more accurate monitoring) and offer important resources for individuals in their homes.

Our Investment in NLX

The Comcast Ventures team is pleased to announce our investment in NLX as part of their recent Series A financing, joining an impressive and diverse group of investors, including Cercano, IAG Capital Partners, JetBlue Ventures, and others.

Our Investment in Haven Energy – Accelerating the Adoption of Home Energy Storage

Comcast Ventures is excited by a future in which AI is not only a behind-the-scenes optimizer and augmenter of tasks, but also a tool that makes digital products feel more natural and relatable. We are proud to announce our investment in Resemble AI, an enterprise-focused generative audio platform that dramatically simplifies the process of creating human-realistic synthetic voices.